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The Frost Bloom Garden Release Day


The Frost Bloom Garden Release Day- December 1st, 2016

Catching a serial killer and falling in love? Who would have thought both would be equally dangerous…

For Romarin, descendant of Countess Bathory, book two of The Supernatural London Underground series, The Frost Bloom Garden, is a fast-paced urban fantasy adventure through the streets of London. Though book 2 can be read as a standalone adventure, all of our favorite misfits are back: Talia, Yves, Kit, Audin, and Travis all return, again making it impossible for readers to pick their favorite sub plot of the series. For bookworms wanting to catch up, Romarin’s journey to self, A Mirror Among Shattered Glass is only .99 for a limited time to celebrate the release of book 2.  You can find it here:

The Frost Bloom Garden: As if the supernatural London Underground couldn’t open up any further, Romarin is immersed in different cultures, struggles, factions—and the revelation of her first dangerous foe—that make the hidden world what it is: treacherous. As a detective in pursuit of a Jack The Ripper type killer, Romarin’s sole purpose is to destroy evidence of their secret world, reminding her of how blurred all of their roles are, and that the price for that could very well be one’s life. With rumors of a safe haven, an island where people like her can be free and understood, perhaps she won’t need the cure she vehemently seeks. A cure for a broken heart however, that’s another story. And a cure for a burning heart? That’s just impossible.

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About the author: Romarin Demetri is a story crafter who loves black coffee, traveling abroad, and when her characters come home in some sort of trouble she swears she didn’t invent. Pulling from her B.A. in English and Psychology, her debut series, The Supernatural London Underground, is a blend of fantasy ground in reality, and a world a reader can truly escape to. As an eccentric and reader, she still enjoys creating the alternate reality in her urban fantasy series (more than anything!), and her interactive world waits for you at

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