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Blinded- Nirvana Series Book 3


Blinded, Book 3 in the Nirvana series, is now available via Amazon! 

Synopsis: When Addie Blackburn’s mother dies, she has no choice but to board a southbound train to her grandparents’ plantation home. In New York, Addie and her mother settled in a cramped one-bedroom apartment, but in Virginia, her grandparents reside in a mansion. Overnight, Addie goes from surviving like a pauper to living like a princess.
But for as grim as life in New York was, at least it made sense.
Whereas, in Virginia, Addie is left with a ton of questions: Why did her mother flee the plantation in the first place? Why didn’t Addie ever meet or speak to her grandparents before her mother’s death? Who is her father, and does he live on the plantation? And why is her grandfather obsessed with performing eye-color surgeries?
If Addie is to remain at the plantation, she must figure out the answers to these questions, and with all the buried secrets from the past, that won’t be an easy thing to do.

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Print will be available within the next few days. 

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  1. Best wishes for much success with this and all your books, Kristy. I look forward to reading it! ❤️

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