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Virginia Authors Book Sampler Volume 1 * Winter 2016


Enjoy excerpts from the following books in this quarterly publication dedicated to the talented authors of Virginia: Jaded (Kristy F. Gillespie), People Who Need To Die (Victor Rook), Hitler’s Time Machine (Robert F. Dorr), Old Roads and New Exits (Tom Basham), Love Like Fall (Antonia Kilday), Junior Inquisitor: Book 1 (Lincoln S. Farish), Memory Lake (Nancy S. Kyme), Blinded by Deception (Maria Yeager), Messages From Nature (Patricia Daly-Lipe), Who Gets to Name Grandma? (Carol Covin), Anabel Unraveled (Amanda R. Lynch), Holiday Connections (Genilee Parente/F. Sharon Swope), Kingsley (Carolyn O’Neal), and The Tower (Herrick Lyons).

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