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Blood Moon Rising Author Event


Thank you, Sam Gregory, for hosting the Blood Moon Rising author event!

Halloween is the perfect time to give away a few copies of my short story collection, Even In Death. 



Even In Death, a collection of ten short stories, explores the thin line between love and hate; extreme emotions even death cannot destroy.
Julie wants nothing more than to receive a flower bouquet from the hometown veterinarian. However, in “A Flower Story,” flowers are delivered long after a person is alive to smell them.
After purchasing their dream home, Sara and David feel truly blessed. Unfortunately, the couple soon discover they’ve inherited a wicked curse. In fact, in “What’s Really There,” the former residents’ spirits refuse to move on.
In the title story, on the anniversary of his fiancés’ death, Mark realizes that he can see and communicate with spirits, including Amy’s. Can Mark and Amy’s love survive even in death?
“A Flower Story,” “What’s Really There,” and “Even In Death,” as well as the other seven stories in the collection are rife with emotion that will linger well after the last page.

To enter the contest, simply state who your favorite short story author is, which short story is your favorite, and why, in the comment section below. US residents have the choice between print or ebook. Participants outside of the US- ebooks.

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  1. Hi Kristy! :) The Sisters of Slaughter, Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason are my two favourite ss writers. Twin sister team, who have several short stories out in various anthologies. One, that is coming very soon through J Ellington Ashton Press, is in an anthology called MvF, where JEA authors were teamed up into a male and a female group, then paired off to compete against eachother. Eye was a judge on the panel, and the women proved that they are a terrifying force to be reckoned with, taking out the comp. We, as judges, weren’t told who were the authors of each story we were given to read, so we were completely unbiased. The Sisters of Slaughter have a story in it called “Night Swimming”, which won that heat. The sister’s gory attention to detail is unnerving, and they have no fear crossing lines a lot of authors will shy away from, and this story stayed with me for quite a while after reading it. Eye also love their obsession with werewolves, and will be featuring them in a werewolf anthology to be released next Halloween by JEA and eye am dying to read what they submit. Their werewolf stories are brutal.

  2. I have enjoyed all your creative books, Kristie. I look forward to your next one. Blessings to you!

  3. Donald Brawley says:

    My favorite short story author is Mercedes Yardley and my favorite story of hers is The Biy Who Hung the Stars because of its faurt tale vibe

  4. Thanks for commenting, Toneye, Janice, and Donald 😉
    Janice, you probably already have Even In Death but let me know if you don’t!
    Toneye and Donald, let me know if you’d prefer an ebook or print and I’ll send those your way.
    Take care!
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