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The Listeners- Clare Wilson



Have you ever wondered whether you were born to do something more with your life? I hadn’t… A university drop-out, I figured that my ability to observe others around me was just something that came with the territory of being a writer.
A chance encounter changed that.
A whole new world opened before me, and demons and angels were the least of my worries as I learned to use my god given gifts to work for the agency.
Believe me, nothing is quite what it seems. Join me on an odyssey that lifts the veil on what really goes on behind the scenes of mankind’s existence here on earth. Whether you’re earth or heaven bound; alive, dead or inhuman, nothing is beyond the jurisdiction of The Listeners.

My Review:

Nineteen-year-old Miriam is a fantasy slash paranormal writer but nothing prepares her for a meeting with a ghost hunter named Joshua. In fact, Miriam goes from having a pretty boring life (living with her parents, having a boyfriend that seems more like a casual acquaintance, working from home and not getting out much, etc.) to a thrilling life seemingly overnight. Armed with a magic notebook, pen, watch, and glasses, Miriam explores various parts of England and learns about her late grandmother’s  role as a “listener” – a role that Miriam is now expected to fulfill.

I really enjoyed The Listener; it’s an exciting, unusual, and fast read. One of my favorite parts was when Miriam helped a ghost named Regi track down his long lost love, Petulia. It was her first adventure as a listener, and it was a success. Definitely recommend!

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