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Claiming Georgia Tate- Gigi Amateau

ClaimingGeorgiaTate Synopsis:  Twelve-year-old Georgia Tate wishes she could stay home in Mississippi forever with her preacher granddaddy and her best friend Ginger. After losing her nana to a heart attack, she desperately wishes she could tell her granddaddy why she can’t possibly move in with Daddy — about the things he does that make her feel so ashamed. With a vivid narrative voice, Gigi Amateau tells an unflinching tale of a sensitive girl caught in the trauma of incestuous abuse. But it is also a story of survival — an ode to the solace of family, the mercy of strangers, and the possibility of hope and healing.

My Review:  I recently attended Gigi Amateau’s book talk at Bookworm Central in Manassas, VA which was awesome. She’s written many books but during her talk focused on Come August, Come Freedom and Claiming Georgia Tate. I purchased both of these novels but read Claiming Georgia Tate first. This novel is raw, honest, and heartbreaking. It also offers a glimpse into life in the deep south. For example: “Upstairs in the bathtub is where Granddaddy Tate put the watermelon for us to eat after dark…It is so hot today that it would feel good to be the watermelon right about now, or at least to jump in there with it” (18). I highly recommend this novel!

Gigi Amateau

Gigi Amateau

Me & Gigi Amateau

Me & Gigi Amateau

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