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Winterreise by Emily de Courcy

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Synopsis: Life in the old city of Aldgard is (almost) never boring…

When music student Penny Wells first met the Erlking, she had an inkling that trouble would follow. Especially since she had a thesis to write and concert to prepare for, and she definitely didn’t have time for magic.

So it really stands to reason that Penny should have known better that to stroll into the Hinterlands to return a strange locket he’d left behind – because nothing is ever accidental when it comes to the Erlking.

And when she does so anyway and awakens an ancient valkyrie, seriously annoying the Norse Gods (well, most of them), she finds that she has to set things right before they use her new friend for their upcoming ritual sacrifice. Because Penny won’t stand for that.
But first, she has to figure out what it is they’re really worried about and what all of it has to do with a Schubert song cycle that the Aldgard University music department will be putting on in just a matter of weeks…

My Review: I don’t typically read many fantasies but I really enjoyed Winterreise by Emily de Courcy. Winterreise is well-written, the characters are interesting
(I love how laid back Penny is, even when a white rabbit is leading her into another realm, or she’s meeting a wicked, powerful queen. Another favorite character is the mysterious Erlking) and the story line is unique.

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