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Alora: The Wander-Jewel by Tamie Dearen


Synopsis: Alora is a normal fifteen-year-old girl who lives on a ranch in rural Montana. Her biggest excitement is the upcoming school dance. Until one day while taking a shower, she sees an image that almost seems real. A boy, with long brown hair and the most intense green eyes she’s ever seen.

Little does she know that this vision is only the beginning of a great adventure. That her life will be forever altered as she discovers another realm, a strange world of magic and gifts, where a man full of evil power will use any means possible to capture and control her or else to end her life.

Alora must decide whether to hide in the relative safety of her Montana home or risk everything to fulfill her destiny and defend a home she never knew existed. Though despised for their youth, Alora and her friends, mark the beginning of a new era in Laegenshire.

Alora is a book of powers and magic, good and evil, fighting and valor, and love that conquers all. Where urban fantasy and medieval fantasy merge, there we find the adventures of Alora.
***Non-stop action with amazing characters!!***

My Review: I don’t typically read YA fantasy but Alora: The Wander-Jewel was captivating. Fifteen-year-old Alora lives in the middle of nowhere, Montana, with her uncle. She leads a life of quiet contentment…until she has visions of a boy around her age with startling green eyes. Suddenly her life is filled with excitement and adventure. I’m looking forward to book two in the series!

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