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Absolutely by Melissa Veracruz is Free Today!



One mistake sends Ashlyn Ramos plummeting from popular naiveté and into the outskirts of the social order. She’s had a great life so far. So many things were going right! Now, she has a wrecked car, a parentally confiscated cell phone, and ex-friends making life miserable. Not the way she wanted to start the best year of her life. And walking to school was totally going to suck. Until she saw him on the sidewalk ahead of her.

Kiel Fuller has a past he’d prefer to keep to himself. He’s had several rough years. His own fault, admittedly, for screwing up. Now, he’s settled in a small town and ready to make the most of senior year. However, his dad is borrowing his Jeep. Walking to school won’t suck too much, though. He could blast his iPod and think. What he didn’t count on was Ashlyn walking up beside him.

It is not love at first walk. Kiel’s heard the rumors about her. And Ashlyn can’t make herself heard over his blaring iPod. They’re both facing demons, but they learn it’s better to face them together.


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