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1Luck of the Irish Complete Edition by Liz Gavin

Author Bio:
When Liz Gavin was in Second Grade – just a couple of years ago, really – her teacher told her mother the little girl should start a diary because she needed an outlet for her active and vivid imagination. She was a talkative child who would disrupt the class by engaging her colleagues in endless conversations. She loved telling them the stories her grandfather used to tell her.

Apparently, the teacher wasn’t a big fan of those stories, and Liz’s mother bought her a diary. She happily wrote on it for a couple of months. Unable to see the appeal of writing for her own enjoyment only, she gave up on it. She missed the audience her friends provided her in class. She went back to disturbing her dear teacher’s class.

Since then, she has become a hungry reader. She will read anything and everything she can get her hands on – from the classics to erotica. That’s how she has become a writer of erotica and romance, as well.

As a young adult, she participated in a student exchange program and lived in New Orleans for six months. She fell in love with the city and its wonderful inhabitants. NOLA will always hold a special spot in Liz Gavin’s heart. Nowadays, living in Brazil, Liz’s creativity has improved many times because it’s such a vibrant, gorgeous and sexy country.

Welcome to her world of hot Alpha males and naughty, independent women. Add a touch of the paranormal in the presence of some wicked souls and you’ll get the picture.


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This is an excerpt from Chapter 1. Before this scene, Keira had done a bit of sightseeing around Dublin, which had ended in a famous brewery there. It was a rare, hot summer day so she had refreshed herself with the strong, black beer, forgetting she hadn’t eaten anything for hours. In the excerpt, we’ll find her back at the hotel, still feeling a tad tipsy.

* * * *

It was past three in the afternoon when she took the elevator down to the lobby and went to the Octagon Bar. There wasn’t anybody in the pub except for the bartender, who was on the phone and signaled her that he just needed a minute. She nodded back but the room swirled around her. She sat at the nearest table and had to close her eyes, grabbing her head in both hands, to make it stop spinning.

I need to eat. Now! She thought as a buzzing ring pierced her ears.

“Are you all right, miss?” a deep voice sounded above her.

Keira made an effort to lift her head and look up at the bartender. When she did, she found herself drowning in a pair of unbelievably green eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen – a dark, lush shade of green – set in a breathtakingly gorgeous face. When Keira wasn’t able to form a coherent sentence to answer his question, the crease between his perfect eyebrows grew deeper.

Damn Guinness!

“I beg your pardon, miss?” the crease deepened.

She felt her face got redder and hotter. Just my luck, she thought and this time kept it inside her head. Clearing her throat, she forced herself to say something, “I’m sorry, Declan,” she read it on the tag in his black vest. “I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast. I think I’m a little dizzy. That’s all.”

He handed her a small menu and smiled. Her knees went weak and she was very happy to be sitting. She wouldn’t have remained standing otherwise. His electrifying grin lit his handsome face up and made his eyes sparkle. The effect was hypnotic and devastating to any sober woman. Keira was a very easy prey.

“Miss?” he waved the menu and she grabbed it.

She mumbled some excuse to justify her behaving like a stupid school girl, and buried her impossibly red face inside the menu.

“I’ll give you a minute to decide. Call me when you’re ready,” he winked at her and made a brief pause, before adding. “To order.”

She was appalled at his attitude. Regardless of how good-looking he was, the man was a cocky little bastard. He ought to be ashamed of himself for going around embarrassing other people like that.

You embarrassed yourself! Drooling over a cute face, said that pesky voice inside her head that always told her to tread carefully whenever she felt a little adventurous.

Keira squared her shoulders and told her inner self to shut up because she was merely drunk, not drooling. She studied the menu and found out there weren’t many food options. Deciding to ignore the available drinks, she waived at Declan.

He couldn’t hide a shadow of a smile on his lips or disguise a mischievous glint in his eyes. He liked the American, but he would never take advantage of a drunken woman. No matter how attractive she was.

“Are you feeling better, miss?”

She nodded and cursed her voice for disappearing every time he got near her.

“Are you ready to order or would you like a suggestion?”

“I – ahm – I’ll have the fish and – ahm – the salad, please,” she stuttered and had to avoid his eyes to be able to finish the sentence.

His smile didn’t help clear her fuzzy mind. Declan seemed amused and his bright smile did funny things to the butterflies in Keira’s stomach.

Keira hadn’t had much experience with men in her young life, and almost zero interaction with gorgeous men like Declan. She didn’t know what to do with herself and her shyness got worse when she was embarrassed. Add a dizzy, drunken head to the equation and the result was that pile of raw nerves sitting on the cushioned seat and trying to act as a normal person.

Get a grip on yourself, girl, that little voice made her comeback inside her head. Only, this time, Keira agreed with it.

* * * *


Hope you have enjoyed Keira and Declan’ first encounter. Remember to leave your comments below.


See you soon,

Liz Gavin

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