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Once A Goddess by Sheila R. Lamb


For the sake of her clan, the Danann, Brigid marries Bres of the Fomorian clan. Despite not loving Bres, Brigid is determined to make the marriage work in order to keep the peace between the two Irish tribes. “In the first season of our marriage, he hadn’t spoken of his childhood at all. I studied the meaning behind his words and a cold knife cut through me. He didn’t trust me. It seemed he held back information. My intuitive sense belied his words. Strangely, it hurt. Yet I couldn’t say that I trusted him either.” (41) But then Brigid meets Adraic, her anam cara, which is similar to a soul mate. “My words, my false words, sank in. I had lied to him. He was more than a friend. We were connected in ways we had just begun to understand. Adraic stood, his eyes bitter as the wind that howled outside.” (71) On one hand, I rooted for Bres, who had light qualities beneath his dark facade, and Adraic, who had an unwavering love for Brigid.
I absolutely loved this novel even though I rarely read fantasy/mythology. Lamb’s excellent writing and story telling immediately cast a spell on me and I can’t wait to read the sequel. My only complaint was when the novel ended. In fact, I actually groaned; not because the ending was abrupt or anything like that, but because I wanted to read more!


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