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Shakespeare’s Secret by Elise Broach


I’m a middle school counselor and we recently started a book club at our school. “Shakespeare’s Secret” was our first read.

Hero and Beatrice Netherfield are named after the characters in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” Once again they’ve moved to a new town (not far from Washington D.C. where her father will work as an archivist). If Beatrice is day, then Hero is night. In fact, “Without meaning to, she wore a worried look much of the time. At the grocery store or the mall, complete strangers would touch her arm and ask sympathetically, “What’s the matter, honey? Don’t you feel well?” (9).

Once again Hero, who is in 6th grade, is made fun of due to her unusual name, however, Danny, a popular 8th grade boy befriends her. (Danny was my favorite character because he was the most complex and interesting).

With the help of Hero’s next door neighbor, Mrs. Roth; Hero and Danny search Hero’s property in order to find the Murphy Diamond which may have been linked to Edward de Vere, who may be the real Shakespeare.

The history of Shakespeare and Edward de Vere is interesting and it seems more probable that Edward de Vere wrote all of the works, not Shakespeare.

Overall, it was a good read.


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  2. WOW!!! Sounds like a great read.

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