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Stories from My Memory-Shelf: Fiction and Essays from My Past by Lori Schafer


Of the 19 short stories and essays, “Yellow Wagon” and “Haunted” are my favorite. In “Yellow Wagon,” a young girl walks to school by herself for the first time. The author included two versions of this story, the unpublished version and the published version (Everyday Fiction, a short story literary magazine). Although both were good, I preferred the unpublished version. “Right on Orange, left on Revere,” Debra repeated for the dozenth time, kicking away the crisp dead leaves that snapped at her feet like so many untrained puppies.” (6) I really like how the author discusses many of her stories afterwards, including “Yellow Wagon.”
In “Haunted,” an assumed witch lives in an apartment building where a murder occurred. “But the house being haunted did so much to explain why the witch had selected the third floor apartment above ours. It seemed only natural that a servant of the devil should seek the company of restless and perhaps blood thirsty ghosts.” (44)
Schafer’s eclectic collection is worth checking out.

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