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Author of The Evanescence of Being, Barry Huggins



The Evanescence of Being

From the publisher

He does not remember the exact moment that witnessed the death of his desire for life. And his memories of passion, joy and meaning are distant and lost among the shadows that darken the long, tedious hours of his days.

But when he is struck by an inexplicable change that delivers into his life the love, contentment and wealth that seemed beyond his reach he is also struck by the malevolent forces of fear.

What is the truth of this unexpected and uninvited happiness? Has he tapped into a source of eternal bliss that is beyond explanation and best left unquestioned or is he walking the fine line of sanity, and in his dark despair, slipping slowly into the sinister abyss of psychosis?



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Barry Huggins Author biography

They say that our passions are in the blood. We enter the world with them. They are as much a part of us as the genetically predisposed colour of our eyes or size of our hands. We perform them regardless of our mood, our wellbeing or financial standing. They save us in our dark moments and enrich us in our lighter times and define our life in a way that would be difficult by any other means in the final summation of the end days.

For me, this passion is the written word. I had an idea that this might be the case when I was seven years old and reviewed my course books at the end of the term. My maths books and history books and most other books were ominously devoid of teacher comments, with the exception of liberal washes of red ink correcting my mistakes and offering constructive advice to apply myself with a little more verve.

But I was never disheartened because my English books were resplendent with gold stars. We were awarded a blue star for each essay of merit and after ten blue stars, we were awarded a gold one. And so I would wince at the red ink for a brief moment and then bathe in the glory of the gold stars and life was good; as long as I did not have to do numbers. But the universe was kind and conspiring to  relieve me of this problem, for in that very moment of time, there were scientifically gifted people who were destined to invent the pocket calculator, just in time for when I would need one. Synchronicity was alive and thriving.

The last twenty years of my life have been devoted to writing and teaching in the media and broadcasting environment, specialising in the creative skills of writing, photography and multimedia. Of my seven print published nonfiction titles, four have been translated into seven languages.

My latest work and first fiction title, the Evanescence of being, reflects another of my passions; the existence of the extraordinary in every day ordinary life.



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