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D.B. Crawford Book Tour and Interview


The Hell Of It All is a mesmerizing mixture of white collar crime, secrets … with a dash of paranormal. (It) is a story of power, family interaction, murder, betrayal and secrets interwoven with strong elements of love, loyalty and forgiveness. The characters are well-developed … with all their flaws, faults and strengths. (It) is an engaging and captivating novel from beginning to the end. It’s well worth reading and I highly recommend it. (From a 5-star review on Amazon.)


(The Belialish Incident is the) story of a white collar crime that combines bank fraud and the world of art … simply a great read. The characters are very well developed and the mystery evolves over time with many twists and turns. Very fun, interesting and entertaining. Couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended! (From a 5-star review on Amazon.)

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I consider myself a storyteller; I have always enjoyed spinning a yarn often after I heard or read something.  Both The Hell of it All and The Belialish Incident are loosely based on actual events.

The Hell of it All grew in my imagination after I heard the story of a young man who had perfected an automobile engine that ran without gas, and that a large oil company had given him millions for the patent and the prototype which they destroyed. When I discussed this with friends and acquaintances, it became clear that most people believe that the oil industry has systematically prevented competition for the gas engine. From there, the saga  wrote itself.

The Belialish Incident came about from an actual embezzlement case in Toronto some years ago. The man defrauded the bank where he worked of millions and gambled the money away before being caught and sentenced to a jail term. I was ruminating this in my mind when I went to see an exhibit of Paul Gauguin’s paintings which made me wonder what would happen if an embezzler used the money to buy art. Here again, the story wrote itself.

Once I start on a book, the general plot and the end are outlined, but as I work it is the characters who write the story, something I always find intriguing. It is as though I am working directly from the Universal Mind.

I worked as an editor for many years, but now I write full time. However, I do not have a regular schedule as such. I write when the spirit moves me, when I’m in the zone. I plot my stories while doing housework, and when I feel I have a handle on the characters, I go to work in my home office. The walls are decorated with butterflies of all types and colors because they inspire me to dare leave my cocoon to fly freely with the words I create.

Both books have a Canadian connection because I am a Canadian. I have lived in Europe and in the U.S., and have travelled around the world, but Canada is my country. In many ways, Canadians are like Americans, but we do have our own ideas and ideals.

So far, the response to both novels has been very positive, earning 5-star ratings. That, I must say, is very rewarding. I hope that positivity will continue when I publish another novel and a collection of short stories which are currently in the final editing process.



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