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Beyond Midnight: Asunder by Sarah M. Cradit



I’ve been in love with this series since I read the first novel (the prequel, St. Charles at Dusk). Beyond Midnight: Asunder focuses on Tristan’s epic fall and slow rise and Amelia and Jacob’s crazy love story.
Tristan: “The wind rushed in, carrying the scent of grass and wood smoke. Outside, Tristan could see nothing except his loved ones, and the endless sky of stars. Not so very long ago, he’d gazed up into a similar sky, with similar hope in his heart. Then his world had fallen apart, taking his hope with it.” (147)
Amelia: “Oh, how she longed to tell him, (Jacob) ‘No, no I’m absolutely miserable without you. I’m lost. Devastated, and broken in ways I can never repair. I struggle to even breathe.'” (12)
I’ve grown so close to these characters that I feel like part of the Deschanel clan. While reading each novel my emotions bounce around like bingo balls in a plastic globe but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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