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Antebellum Awakening by Katie Cross


I was absolutely hooked on the first book in the Network Series (Miss Mabel’s School for Girls) and book two is just as captivating! Once again I identified with Bianca Monroe, a young witch coming into her powers; and I detested the evil witch Miss Mabel.
Miss Mabel to Bianca: “You’re always trying to control the things you have no control over, aren’t you, foolish girl?” (52)
Fortunately, Bianca has a strong support system. Stella, one of the council members, reminds Bianca: “We are all mourning something, Bianca. All of us. Keep that in mind, for you are never alone in your grief.” (94)
Besides the plot and characters, (especially Bianca and Merrick) I really enjoyed Katie Cross’s unique descriptive writing. For example: “Despite the questionable puddles, stench of burned coffee, and occasional piles of refuse, Chatham City had an endearing personality.” (117)
This is am amazing series and I highly recommend that you check it out.

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My review of Miss Mabel’s School for Girls: 

“I’m Bianca Monroe, and I run in the woods with my skirts up. I also don’t know how to steep or pour tea,” (15) Bianca thinks as she races through Lectum Woods; away from the stuffy interview with Miss Isadora, and toward the mysterious Miss Mabel’s School For Girls which trains young witches.

Miss Mabel put a lethal curse on Bianca’s grandmother which in turn cursed her daughter and granddaughter. Bianca must outwit Miss Mabel  by winning the competitions and becoming her assistant; only then will she have a chance to break her family’s curse.

I immediately fell in love with Miss Mabel’s School For Girls. The descriptions were beautiful from the first paragraph to the last: “I stared at the lavender flowers on the white china and willed my heart to stop pounding. Papa’s advice whispered through my head like the balm of a cool poultice, settling my nerves” (8).

The characters were captivating: “Leda shifted, snatched a strawberry off her plate without moving her eyes from the text and popped it into her mouth. I studied the spine of her book. High Priests of the Southern Network. As if she felt my gaze, Leda slowly pulled the book down and peered over it, one eyebrow quirked high,” (22).

The story was simply spellbinding: “Only the worthy enter these schools as students. You are the chosen few, evidenced by the circli on your wrists” (26).

All of the characters were colorful but Leda (the brainy first year witch) and Bianca were my favorite. Bianca doesn’t realize how special and powerful she is, which makes her all the more endearing: “My fingertips skimmed the circlus. The red, swollen skin smarted with offense. I stopped touching it, instead covering it with my sleeve. It felt like a brand, property categorizing me. Girl, witch, student. Nothing more, nothing less” (31).

Miss Mabel’s School For Girls consumed me- I started it late at night, read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and finished it the next afternoon, while snuggling with my dog and listening to the rain fall. Truly, the only disappointment I felt was when it ended!

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