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The Last Safe Place by Ninie Hammon

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From the first to the last paragraph, The Last safe Place is a thrilling read. “When Gabriella Carmichael’s eyes suddenly popped open, pain and blood were still several minutes away, tucked securely into the glove box of the future, snug as a map of Idaho (9).

The Beast of Babylon, Gabriella’s best- selling novel has been a blessing and a curse; a blessing because it offered her financial freedom, a curse because it attracted the attention of a delusional man named Yesheb. In fact, Yesheb is convinced that he is the beast in the novel, and that Gabriella is Zara, the main character in the novel. Besides being delusional, Yesheb is ridiculously wealthy and pure evil, and he’ll stop at nothing to play the real life part of the beast in the novel. In order for Zara to become his bride, her son Ty will have to be sacrificed…but first Yesheb will have to find them, and Gabriella is very good at hiding.

If you enjoy skillfully written psychological thrillers,  I highly recommend Ninie Hammon’s The Last Safe Place. 


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