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Bottom of the Bag and other stories by Michael Baird


I enjoyed Bottom of the Bag and other stories by Michael Baird. The stories were interesting and insightful. In fact, the title story was my favorite from the collection. In this story John Newell is “pleasantly” harassed by his neighbor concerning a “Misty Meadow Road Neighborhood Association” issue. John feels slighted because he and his wife weren’t invited to the neighborhood meeting concerning this issue; instead Brad brings him a letter the next day. Frustrated, John devises a plan to get even with his neighbors by using their own association rules against them. I used to live in a Home Owner Association community and used to dread the notes stuck to my door about my “back porch light being out” or my “trash can sitting in the wrong place.” Being a rule follower, I would make immediate changes. Then I’d look around and notice that my neighbors weren’t following the association rules either and yet they didn’t seem to receive any negative consequences. It would have been hysterical to play a prank on my neighbors like John did.



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