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Book Blast: Eden 2 by Mike Sullivan



Eden 2 by Mike Sullivan 
Could a second Garden of Eden have existed after the Great Flood?
The discovery of an ancient papyrus map leads merchant seaman Sam Seabury and a group of friends deep into the jungles of Eastern Borneo searching for a second Garden of Eden.  News of the garden site rocks the Judeo-Christian world and casts doubt on the Bible’s authenticity.
About Author Mike Sullivan: 
Author Mike Sullivan, an American, lives in Bangkok, Thailand where he writes full time. He has created action hero Sam Seabury, a tough, gritty merchant seaman, who can’t say no to anyone in trouble. In my debut novel, Dead Girl Beach,  Seabury becomes an amateur detective when he tracks down a killer who has murdered his fiance on a remote island in the Gulf of Thailand.
The second novel (Ransom Drop) in the Seabury series takes the merchant sailor to the Plain of Jars in central Laos where he’s agreed to deliver a million dollar ransom for a friend whoes daughter has been kidnapped. Everything about the ransom drop goes wrong. Seabury’s life is in danger.  Time is running out on him.
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  1. Nice post, Kristie. Your books sound interesting, Mike. Best wishes for success. I would like to follow you and check out your books.

    • Dear Janice: Please do check out my books. I’m happy to hear of your interest in them and that you’d like to follow the Sam Seabury series. The best to you, and thank you again.

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