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All the Dead Things- Simon Paul Woodward

All The Dead Things

All The Dead Things by Simon Paul Woodward is a novel that male and female young adults (as well as adults) will appreciate. The book cover caught my eye and the story kept my interest. Thirteen-year-old Stan Wisdom is different. He has one friend; an eccentric girl named Kalina, a mother who wears wigs & other disguises & who forces him to move from one flat to another, he meets with a counselor weekly, and he sees monsters. He’s learned to pretend that he can’t see the monsters until  Tuesday, April 12 repeats over and over. Now he’s the only person stuck in limbo & the only person who can communicate with monsters. Stan befriends a monster named Gabby, and a few other rebel monsters, who explain that he’s the only person who can save the human race. He must join forces with the rebel monsters & overthrow Sergeant Moses; an evil, power hungry monster.

I loved the descriptions of the monsters. Gabby’s “skin was grey. She moved into the room on limbs with too many joints, both arms jutting at odd angles. She rocked as she walked and looked at him with blood filled eyes,” (34). In fact, one of my favorite parts is when the monsters explain why they look the way they do.


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  2. Reminds me of some John Connolly covers, his Samuel Johnson vs. the Devil series. I’ve read the first one and had some great laughs – had the 2nd one in my TBR pile for quite a while.
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