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Ecliptic- Sara Lunardi


In June of 2013, “a thousand tears fall from the sky and light up the night, the signs awaken the chosen ones for the last time, and the countdown begins,” (9). Izie and her twin brother Sam are two of an eclectic group of people who find mysterious marks on their arms. These marks turn out to be the signs of the zodiac and Izie and Sam are two of the Guardians of the zodiac.  Izie, Sam, and the other Guardians have six months to save the world. Fortunately the Guardians are granted physical and mental abilities, unfortunately, not all of the Guardians wish to save the world. 

Izie is one of my favorite characters. At first she “had never focused on the zodiac. I thought that the horoscope was attractive to the gullible and ought to be seen as a stupid pastime for people who had nothing else to do with their lives,” (118). (Which would include me!)  However, Izie soon realizes that “We were nothing more than small wheels of a superior mechanism created by a will far stronger than ours,” (118).

Ecliptic is an intriguing and unusual tale of good versus evil; and  I think this book would be fabulous if it had been thoroughly edited; the errors took me out of the story.



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