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From Fairies and Creatures of the Night, Guard Me: An Anthology- Emily de Courcy


From Fairies and Creatures of the Night, Guard Me is a collection of short stories. I don’t read a lot of stories in the fantasy genre but I did enjoy this collection. One of my favorite stories is the “The Seller of Fortunes.” In this story Mestral sells fortunes through her paintings. “Mestral was good with cats and paints, but she was not very good with people,” (7). I can relate to Mestral (only in my case- cats for dogs and paints for words).

de Courcy’s characters often have keen insight . In “Something Rich and Strange,” Wilhelm, a troll and owner of a coffee shop, explains that “Mortals  tended to keep anything unworldly at bay by pointedly ignoring any traces of magic and indulging in mind-numbing mediocrity: that way, the barely-seen world often passed entirely unseen,” (21).

There are beautiful descriptions throughout the collection. In the story “Impasse,” Gabrielle describes her feelings for a ghost:   “Somehow, he’d got awfully tangled in the heart of her, and undoing the tangles was more trouble than it was worth,” (20).

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