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Heaven’s Waiting Room-Clare Wilson


Portia realizes something is off because: “Time was passing very strangely. I couldn’t remember the previous evening and outside it was starting to look like autumn. The morning was slightly too dark for summer, the golden leaves being whipped from the trees by the blustering wind. Summer seemed to to have passed me by completely. I made a mental note, get out more,” (3).     

When Portia steps outside, she meets Mary, a woman who is clearly from a past era. At first Portia is cautious because she’s learned that “in London, you didn’t encourage strangers. It was just the way things were done. Everyone survived by being mutually rude to one another. It seemed to work in a bizarre way” (3).

Mary explains that Portia is living in the “in-between.” When Portia died, she wasn’t accepted into Heaven but she wasn’t condemned to Hell either. Instead, she roams the Earth trying to find her mother who abandoned her family some time ago while simultaneously protecting her father and sister from an evil being. To complicate matters, Portia befriends an eclectic group of spirits, including Mary, who try and help her come to terms with her death.

Heaven’s Waiting Room is intriguing because the reader doesn’t find out how Portia died or why she’s caught in the “in-between” until much later in the novel.  In turn, I felt compelled to finish the novel quickly because I was curious to find out the answers.   

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