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Sweet Reckoning by Wendy Higgins



Sweet Reckoning is the third novel in The Sweet Evil Trilogy. 

My reviews of Sweet Evil & Sweet Peril: 

Sweet Evil 

Anna Whitt is unusual to say the least.

For one, she sees people’s emotions in color form, which is an extension of her ability to sense other’s feelings. (Positive emotions are bright, negative emotions are black, envy is green, pride is purple, red is lust…)

For two, she’s drawn and yet repelled by drugs and alcohol & she can sense when others have addictive personalities, like her friend Jay. At a party she explains that, “The colors of someone’s emotions blurred when their bodies were under the influence. That guy’s were fuzzy at best.”

For three, she doesn’t have a cell phone, has never been kissed, and doesn’t care in the slightest about being popular.

Even though Anna knows she’s different, she doesn’t know how different until she meets Kaidan Rowe, a bad- boy musician who also happens to be the son of the Duke of Lust. “Good gracious, he was sexy- a word that had not existed in my personal vocabulary until that moment. This guy was sexy like it was his job or something.”

On a road trip to meet her biological father (the Duke of Substance Abuse), Kai fills Anna in on what they are- Nephilim; a by product of a demon & a human. But Anna isn’t a typical Neph either; she’s half demon & angel, and it’s time for her to embrace her dark side.

Sweet Peril 

In “Sweet Peril,” Anna Whitt is tougher, less naïve, and less innocent. She’s also a party girl, but not by choice. She must follow in her father’s footsteps and promote substance abuse, even though doing so disgusts her. “I appeared to be having a blast. Funny thing, appearances.”

Her best friend Jay thinks that Anna is suffering from “good girl syndrome” which is when a good girl tries to change a bad boy but instead the good girl turns bad. And in a way she is, but not entirely by choice.

Even after Kai abandons her, she can’t stop obsessing over him. “All I could think about was the boy I loved and his empty gaze, lost to me.”

Kai plays tug of war with Anna’s heart strings. At one point, he pleads with her to stay with him. “And that soft plea did something to me. Like pinching a lit candle’s wick, what was left of my anger turned into a smoky, sizzling residue.”

Anna struggles to suppress her feelings for Kai while simultaneously recruiting fellow Nephs to one day wage a war against their fathers, the 12 Dark Angels, and with the biggest boss of all- Satan.

* I highly recommend these novels! They’re un-put-downable!

* Check out my post from Wendy Higgins’ “Sweet Peril” Book Launch:

Sweet Reckoning

Sweet Reckoning wraps up The Sweet Evil Trilogy in an enticing red bow.

Even when Anna and Kai are at opposite ends of the country, their attraction to one another is intense. “Blood whooshed through my body. A Kai buzz. Oh, he was totally using the bedroom eyes…Even from the other side of the country, this boy was dangerous.” (13)

Unfortunately romance isn’t the only thing on Anna and Kai’s minds. With the help from their Nephilim allies, Anna and Kai are prepared to take the Dukes of Sin down, including Kai’s father, The Duke of Lust.

“Let’s bring them down. You and me and the others, together. We’ll use our element of surprise while we have it. It’s our time.” (267)

In Sweet Reckoning, we learn more about Anna and Kai’s allies, including Kopano, the Son of Wrath, Ginger & Marna, the Daughters of Adultery, and Blake, the Son of Envy.

I absolutely adored Sweet Reckoning & I would recommend this trilogy to anyone who enjoys reading because it simply has something for everyone.


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