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Importance of Reading for Children

I have eight children (7 daughters and one son) so this blog is particularly close to my heart. My two youngest girls who are aged 8 and 9 are very keen on reading and writing, which is no doubt heavily influenced by my own passion for both.
I was an avid reader from a very young age. Reading taught me so much about life and was my escapism from the world I didn’t always enjoy. I could become a Musketeer or join the Secret Seven. There was always an adventure in my life!
As I became an adult I still loved reading and in my twenties I started to think about writing my own adventure but a busy career kept getting in the way and it was a long time before I finished writing my first book.
I am finally an author but more importantly what I read has shaped who I am as a human being. Reading has helped me through life’s inevitable ups and downs.
I suspect most people who read this blog will be similar to myself and don’t need telling the significance of reading for our children.
It opens their eyes to the bigger world. A world in which all people are born equal and great deeds are possible. It enables them to share experiences of different cultures and hopefully be less likely to be influenced by prejudice.
Historically, reading or the inability to do so often dictated your class and in extreme circumstances perhaps whether you were a slave or a free man. A man/woman who could read could escape poverty.

Today there are many charities around the world helping children to learn to read in order to better their lives. Supporting such charities can help not only the individuals concerned but benefit us all by reducing the risk of wars and other disasters caused by ignorance. We owe it to future generations to educate all the world’s children.

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Author Bio

Bill has recently retired from the corporate world and has finally fulfilled his lifelong ambition to become an author. He has written two thrillers, Revenge and Encryption, with the expectation of many more to follow.
Bill lives in Brighton, UK with his German partner and has seven daughters, a son, two horses, a dog and two cats!

Encryption can be purchased at most online retailers including:

Encryption Synopsis

In a small software engineering company in England, a game changing algorithm for encrypting data has been invented, which will have far reaching consequences for the fight against terrorism. The Security Services of the UK, USA and China all want to control the new software.
The Financial Director has been murdered and his widow turns to her brother-in-law to help discover the truth. But he soon finds himself framed for his brother’s murder.
When the full force of government is brought to bear on one family, they seem to face impossible odds. Is it an abuse of power or does the end justify the means?
Only one man can find the answers but he is being hunted by the same people he once called friends and colleagues.



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  1. I agree, Bill, about the importance of reading to our children. I am an author of five children’s books and that is why I write to encourage children to read and to help foster a love of reading that will enhance and provide them with rewarding and fulfilling lives.

    Best of luck with your books, Bill! I will check them out.
    Great post, Kristy!

  2. Just purchased your book for my Nook, Bill. Look forward to reading it.

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