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Paradise by Jason K. Lewis


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A young family, John and Sarah Carlton and their seven year old daughter Jemima, have won the prize of a lifetime. Every year a million families in their heavily overpopulated country win the chance to travel to a new world known as ‘Paradise’ which is accessed through a portal . The portal sits in a massive building not unlike a super high tech airport terminal.

Paradise is a primordial and unspoilt planet- or so the population are led to believe.

Book description from Amazon:-

How much would you give for a ticket to Paradise? How much would you give for the chance to start anew, without the stresses and strains of modern life?
John Carlton and his family just won the trip of a lifetime and they can’t wait to get started in the brave new world that awaits them.
Simon Swanson wishes he had a ticket. He dreams of walking on fine coral beaches with the sun burning overhead, but for now he watches, happy that some, at least, have the hope of a good life.
Michael Judd is going to save the world and he isn’t going to let anything stop him.
Five lives intertwine in a soulful tale of hope, redemption and salvation on the journey to Paradise.
Biography (it’s meant to be a little tongue in cheek):-
Jason K. Lewis always wanted to be an author. As a child he dreamed of publishing books and short stories. Unfortunately the educational system got in the way of his dreams. A talent for science and mathematics forced him down a route he might not have chosen for himself. His English teacher once told him that he should try his hand at creative writing. He took the suggestion very seriously.So what happens when someone who writes in their teens and tries to publish a short story (after being told by his English teacher that he should publish said short story), gets a nasty knock back when he submits it to a ‘publisher’ who, quite frankly, may have been a fraud (ah, the wisdom of youth…).Well, that teenage boy puts away his old fashioned typewriter (yes, the real thing) and goes off to have a career.Then, many years later, he has a minor mid-life crisis when he realises that, having achieved much of what he always wanted to, there is only one demon left to exorcise. He must write a book.Having started the book, a nagging voice in his mind wonders why he couldn’t have begun with something a little more achievable. Flash fiction maybe? Short story perhaps?

Jason K. Lewis is a new author. His first release, a novelette called ‘Paradise’, is out now on Amazon. He is currently working on an historical fantasy with the working title ‘Hope’, which should be out in the summer of 2014.

Twitter:- @JasonKLewisWrit


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