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Desperately Ever After- Laura Kenyon

LauraKenyonLaura Kenyon’s Desperately Ever After is part Disney princess, part Sex in the City, and part TMZ Celebrity Gossip Site…and it’s fabulous!  Cinderella, (Cindy) Rapunzel, Belle, Penelope (Princess and the Pea) Snow White, and Dawn (Sleeping Beauty) are modern day princesses in their late to early 30’s (although Rapunzel is technically a socialite) with modern day problems which are highlighted  in Perrin Hildebrand’s gossip column in The Marestam Mirror. Hildebrand says “Loyal readers of the realm, keep watch. Royal leaders…watch out!” (8). Each princess offers plenty of material for Hildebrands’ site as they struggle to overcome various issues and situations.

Cindy’s thirtieth birthday is fast approaching and she’s having a quarter life crisis. Her husband spends nearly every minute at work, while she raises their 4 children (with a lot of help by kingdom staff, of course) and juggles one charity event after another. Not to mention the fact she no longer fits into her original fairy tale ballgown. “Her chest sprung out like a slashed canister of crescent rolls” (25).

 Rapunzel is a strong, independent woman who refuses to allow anyone to break her heart but in doing so, it’s like she’s cutting her nose off to spite her face, because deep down she yearns for a prince of her own.

Belle’s prince has reverted back to a beast around the same time she discovers she’s pregnant. “She felt her herself go rigid as he nudged her chin up with his lips. She didn’t usually mind the smell of debauchery on him, but things were different now” (22).

Cindy, Rapunzel, Belle, and the other princesses learn just how important female friendships are. Belle realizes that family is “a group of friends who drop everything as soon as one of them is in trouble. It’s a woman who finds purpose in a rescued dog. It’s a mom who gives up all her dreams to be there for her kids” (193).

One of my favorite scenes of the novel involve a conversation between Cindy and her husband, Aaron. “It’s still hard to believe I’m this lucky,” Cindy says. “Guess I’m just waiting for the clock to strike midnight and the fairy tale to come to an end” (227).

“There’s no midnight tonight,” he says. “I promise. There’s no midnight for us at all” (227).

I’m looking forward to reading Damsels in Distress, the sequel to Desperately Ever After!

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  2. Thanks so much for this fantastic review Kristy!! Only a few months till the sequel 😉
    Laura recently posted…Yes, I Had Coffee with My CanineMy Profile

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