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New Beginnings by Caleb Monroe


Book synopsis: This is a YA adventure/sci-fi story that is told from Ben Callder’s point of view.  He is your everyday guy who is just trying to get through life after college the best he can.  So far things are not going too wellfor Ben, but he is keeping his head up as much as he can.  One day everything changes when an unknown girl enters his life and gets him involved with the Cult of New Beginnings.  From this point on nothing will ever be the same.  Ben must travel the world with his new allies in an attempt to save his life and stop a cult that is much more than it appears to be. The journey will not be easy as they travel the world on an Indian Jones like adventure that takes them from one historical site to another.  The one question that will weigh heavily on everyone involved is do you choose the world or your world?


Bio: My name is Caleb Monroe and I am a high school math and science teacher.  Writing is something that I have always wanted to try and after being a teacher for a few years I decided now is better than never.  To be honest, I went to school with the idea of making sure to stay away from English courses because writing has never been something I felt I was good at while in school.  I decided to go the science route and got my degree in biochemistry and found out along the way that teaching the material is something I am pretty good at.  So over the last few years of teaching I got the itch to try to take a story I had come up with and put into a book. This idea has turned into New Beginnings. This is the first book of a trilogy that I am writing called the Quarantine Series.  I am not looking to be the next big thing, but I wouldn’t mind if it happened.  I really just want to keep doing what I hope I did in the first book, and that is write something that makes you care about the characters and the journey they are on during the series.  I grew up reading comic books and to this day I am still a huge nerd that looks forward to every Wednesday when new comics come out.  I attempted to write a book that reminded me of what gets me interested in a comic.  I want a book to have action, a story that makes you want to care about the characters, and a plot that could turn in an unexpected way at any moment.  I hope this gives you a little insight into who I am and why I write.
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  1. Caleb Monroe says:

    Thanks again for helping to get my book out there. This being my first book I am sure it has somethings that need to be worked on but I am hoping that people enjoy the story I have come up with in New Beginnings. Again thank you for putting my book on your blog.

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