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Looking For La La & To Catch a Creeper by Ellie Campbell


Bridget Jone’s Diary by Helen Fielding is one of my favorite books & Looking For La La by Ellie Campbell (a pseudonym for sister writing team Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell) had similar laugh out loud British humour.  My first lol moment is when Cathy reminisces about meeting her now husband, Declan. They had several meetings before they went on a date. One run-in occurred in the grocery store where Cathy is looking for obscure items. She admits to Declan that the grocery list she’s using isn’t hers, rather she found it on the trolley. “Isn’t the point of writing your own list so’s you buy what you need?” Declan asks. “And how monotonous is that?” …”You end up with the same old, same old.” I pulled a jar of pickled walnuts off the shelf. “Widens your diet,” Cathy says … “But what if you were after something in particular?” “You know, life’s for living,” I turned my trolley around and walked off in the opposite direction. “Not list making,” (23). This scene shows how wacky yet hysterical Cathy’s character is.

Another truly funny scene is was when Josh, Cathy’s son, asks, “Mummy, who’s the card from?” “La, La, darling. Apparently a tellytubby’s sending love letters to Daddy,” (33). Cathy makes it her life’s mission to find out who this La La person is, along with help from her friends who bring their own drama to the mix, and an attractive man named Rupert.

In the meantime, Cathy and Declan are arguing on a nearly daily basis. One night, Declan is upset because Cathy forgot to buy a jar of pickles. “Stuff your gherkins,” Cathy says. “Pardon?” “Stuff your pickled. Sodding. Bloody. Gerkins,” (211). At times I wanted to smack Cathy because Declan is clearly a stand up guy but the story wouldn’t have been as funny without their back and forth bickering!

This is the perfect beach read. In fact as I was reading it, I daydreamed about lounging around a pool or the ocean, with a fruity drink in my hand, surrounded by my best friends who would also be reading this book!

to catch a creeper

To Catch a Creeper is the sequel to Looking For La La. After Cathy overcomes the La La fiasco, she finds her self on live TV; tongue tied during an interview: All through the interview I keep getting these uncanny impulses to indulge in a touch of Tourette’s spouting obscenities while intermittently flashing a nipple, (5). I can totally relate to Cathy’s nervous reaction; not so much the flashing but the uncanny impulses.

Cathy goes from an unappreciated housewife in Looking For La La to a businesswoman at an advertising firm in To Catch a Creeper. However, she’s dealing with the absence of some of her best friends. One night Declan asks, “Heard anything from Gabby or anyone?” By anyone, he meant half of my close friends who seemed to disappear at roughly the same time towards the end of last year. Not exactly a case of one got squashed, one got lost, one had an operation. More one got sent to an asylum, one emigrated and the other disappeared to Cornwall in an attempt to get her teenagers off the weed, (12).

She’s also dealing with sharks in the office tank. Cathy describes talking to one such shark, Vivien, as “someone gently stroking you with a razor blade. Superficially friendly but slightly terrifying as you never know when they’re going to turn it sideways and nick you,” (15). After her best friend Rosa (Raz) goes on maternity leave, Cathy is forced to fend for herself without any trustworthy co-workers. To make matters worse, her boss Turks gives her a high profile assignment that leaves her floundering.

To add to the mix, there’s a burglar, The Crouch End Creeper,  amiss in her neighborhood and Cathy is determined to find out who it is. How hard can it be? She did after all solve the La La mystery!

This is another perfect beach read and I think these novels would be excellent book club picks as well.

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  2. Lovely reviews, my mind jumped to the Telly Tubbys when I saw the words La la too.
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  3. What an entertaining and fun book review! This author definitely has a keen sense of humor when she writes. You did a nice job on the review too!

  4. What fabulous reviews. Thank you so much Kristy :)
    You’re awesome

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