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Write By the Rails Blog Tour Recap!


A huge shout out to all of the Write By the Rail authors who participated in the Endless Possibilities Blog Tour 2014! 

Please check out their posts on my blog, Keep Calm and Write On, and my posts on their blogs: 

1. Stacia Kelly- 5 Tools Every Writer Should Be Using-

My Guest Post on Stacia’s Blog-

2. Philipa Ballantine- A Visit with the Queen-

3. Nick Kelly- Techno Cops-

4. Tamela Ritter- Interview-

My Guest Post on Tamela’s Blog-

5. Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt- Poetry-

My Guest Post on Katherine’s Blog-

6. Dan Verner- Stories They’d Tell-

My Guest Post on Dan’s Blog:

7. Cindy Brookshire- A Collaborative Short Story-

My Post on Cindy’s Blog:

8. Shay Seaborne- What’s Wrong With Craig?-

Angela Bryce- Lady in Balance-

My Guest Post on Angela’s Blog–

10. Nancy Kyme- Lessons from her novel, Memory Lake–

My Guest Post on Camp Fire Memories-

11. Linda S. Johnston- Rising Writer’s Workshop-

My Guest Post on Linda’s blog-

12. Tee Morris- On Steampunk Fiction-

My Guest Post on Tee’s blog-

13. Mary C. Rosenthol- Excerpt from her novel, Terminal–   –

My Guest Post on Mary’s Facebook Page-

14. Patricia Daly Lipe- On her novel, Patriot

15. Jan Rayl- Staycation-

My Guest Post on Jan’s Blog-

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