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A Selfish Moment- Tanya Miranda


Jubilee Ray is a responsible woman. She’s a single mom (with absolutely no support from her ex-husband) with a full time career. Understandably, her love life is non-existent. But during one girl’s night out, Jubilee is irresponsible. Until this night, Jubilee has given up alcohol because she knows that “just one glass of alcohol and I’m a whole different person, a person who wakes up with regrets” (16). The next morning, she wakes up in a man’s bed with little to no memory of the night before. Fortunately, Everett Salerno is a gentleman and hasn’t taken advantage of the situation. He has however fallen in love.

A Selfish Moment is told from both Jubilee and Everett’s POVs which worked well for the story. I fell in love with Everett’s character. It was refreshing to get to know a male character who is vulnerable and open to love with a complicated woman. He describes Jubilee as “She was different; she had depth and pain and wisdom. She was perfect,” (22).

Jubilee on the other hand, describes herself much differently. I can relate to her defensive and at time self-destructive nature. When her ex-husband shows up, after a five-year absence, Jubilee thinks, “He’s an unwelcome, familiar stranger, like a high school romance that annoys you because he’s evidence that there once existed a  naive version yourself” (143).

I don’t read many romance novels but I thoroughly enjoyed A Selfish Moment. I look forward to reading more novels by Tanya Miranda.

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  1. Tanya just designed a new cover for this book that looks fabulous. It’s a bit more alluring and sexy. She also put up a Pinterest board for the book that shows a few of the things you might see through the book. You should check it out!

    She’s got a great website also. I really like reading her posts. Tanya’s great!
    Katie Cross recently posted…Sweethearts and Wolf Experts.My Profile

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