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5 Tools Every Writer Should be Using


Thank you for hosting me this week! This Blog Tour has been a lot of fun. This week I thought I’d share 5 tools every writer should be using to help them further along the publishing process.

Phyxe, the first in the Goddess Chronicles, would never have made it to print if I’d continued to rely on MS Word. (You’ll frequently hear me call it the devil when on social media. Usually after it just ate several pages of work.) I’d written the first draft in 2005 thanks to participating in Nanowrimo ( If you need a kick start and a group cheering you on, then join up every November and try your hand at 50,000 words in 30 days! It’s been a great motivator for me.

Next reason I’ve been able to make more progress on stories? Scrivener! Best. Tool. Ever. I tweet about the program all the time. You can find it at Why is it the best? Simple. Writer’s created it. Not only does it help you outline, but there are notecards, multiple ways to export, and it goes back to the exact place you left off. No more are you stuck back at the beginning of the document and sidetracked by re-editing sections you’ve already done. And, with each update, they’re just adding more enhancements making it an even more robust tool. It’s also available on both Mac & PC.

If you write with partners, then Google Drive is the bomb. Nick and I used to write scenes together via our Instant Messanger of choice until we figured out Google Drive (previously Google Docs). Now, it’s easy enough to start a new scene, share the doc out and away we go with the latest and greatest for Ryan and Shia in our Urban Samurai Series. And, it’s easy enough to copy and paste into Scrivener for the editing process.

What happens when you’re out, no laptop and only a Smart Phone to get that idea on the page? Day One is an iOS App that syncs across Apple devices. It’s very handy if you’re on the bike at the gym and a scene shows up in your brain that you don’t want to lose. By the time I’m home, it’s already sync’d, and I can simply drop it into the story.

And, last but not least, Auto Crit ( An online editing tool. The Wizard identifies slow pacing, overused words, cliches and many more problems typical of early drafts. It’s well worth the cost of the full version. Although, there’s a free version, but you can only use a certain number of characters at a time.

Those are my top five at the moment. I’m sure I have a ton more I can add to the list. If you’d like to see how Phyxe – Goddess of Fire turned out, both the print and eBook are available on Amazon.


Stacia D. Kelly, Ph.D., is the author of the fiction works, “Phyxe: Goddess of Fire”, “Ichi”, and the upcoming “Gaian.” Her non-fiction work includes “Reduce You”, “Muse”, and “Nine Months In, Nine Months Out.” Read more

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