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Beyond Darkness: Shattered- Sarah M. Cradit


Beyond Darkness: Shattered is part of The House of Crimson & Clover Series. Author Sarah M. Cradit’s novels and novellas function as stand alone books but Cradit suggests reading The Storm and the Darkness before reading Beyond Darkness: Shattered. I’ve read the entire series of novels and novellas and they’re amazing!

Beyond Darkness: Shattered brings the reader closer to Anasofiya, a thirty-year-old, intelligent, guarded and mysterious woman from the wealthy Deschanel family of New Orleans; Finn St. Andrews, a handsome fisherman, and Finn’s brother Jon, an aloof, rude man.

Finn and Jon remind me of the Yin-Yang symbols; Finn being the light, sunny Yang and Jon the dark, shadowed Yin. However, Yin cannot survive without Yang and vice versa. Although Ana is convinced she’s shrouded in dark, a beam of light radiates from her. The St. Andrews brothers are captivated by her which leads to a dramatic love triangle.  What Ana and Finn share is beautiful but Jon is hell bent on destroying their love.

One of the most captivating scenes in the novella involve Ana and Finn: “Ana, this is love. This right here.” She said nothing for the longest time, but then her eyes blinked with pools of tears, and she nodded. “It is, isn’t it?” That was enough. (29).




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  2. Just finished it and loved it – you chose a great quote from the book!
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