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The Illusions of Eventide- Sarah M. Cradit


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The Illusions of Eventide is the third novel in the House of Crimson and Clover series. Although The Illusions of Eventide can be read as a stand alone book, I recommend that you read St. Charles at Dusk and The Storm and the Darkness first. (There’s also Beyond Dusk: Anne, a novelette after St. Charles at Dusk). I have read all 3 of the novels and the novelette and they’re equally fascinating reads!

“Nothing had turned out the way any of us expected. Yet, somehow, it was exactly as it should be” (262) – Nicholas Deschanel

Nicholas Deschanel is an endearing character, despite the fact that he’s a self described “pretty” boy, ridiculously wealthy, and selfish. He’s also a man hell bent on destroying himself. He even has a plan to commit suicide. However, when a woman he thinks is helpless washes up on his private island in the Gulf of Mexico, he realizes that for once, he can be as selfless as his  brother-in-law and (former) best friend Oz Sullivan. “Oz was the man I often wished I could be” (17).  It doesn’t take long for Nicholas to realize that Mercy is anything but a damsel in distress; in fact she reminds him of a female Viking warrior. At any rate, Mercy’s plight  gives Nicholas a distraction from his own melancholy-mind. With help from Oz and Ana, Nicholas’s cousin and other (former) best friend, Nicholas nurses Mercy back to health at his luxurious Louisiana plantation. As Nicholas tries to forgive Oz and Ana’s  past act of betrayal, his bond with Mercy grows increasingly strong. Just when Nicholas thinks that he’s finally found a woman who he could form an actual relationship with, she admits that she’s not human but a three- thousand- year- old Empyrean. She’s also yearning for her Ascension, the day she’ll meet Emyr, The Father and creator of the Empyrean race.   And then she really drops a bombshell- Nicholas and his cousin Ana are halflings (half human and half Empyrean).

Cradit’s other novels had paranormal traces to them but this novel mixes strong elements of paranormal with mythology. At first, I was taken aback, but soon grew fascinated with the blend of past and present characters. Once again Nicholas and Finn (Ana’s love interest) were  among my favorite past characters and Mercy became my favorite new character. I read this novel in one sitting, that’s how much I enjoyed it! Cradit has the gift of storytelling; she weaves past events into the present story which helps jog the memories of readers who’ve read the sequels, which also gives a new reader a taste of the sequels.

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  1. Thank you for the absolutely lovely review, Kristy, and for being such a great supporter! :)

  2. I read the short story she did, and really liked her writing style. I think I have her first book, I just need to sit down and actually read it!
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