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The Dogs Don’t Bark In Brooklyn Any More- Eric Robert Nolan



The Dogs Don’t Bark in Brooklyn Any More, a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel,  by Eric Robert Nolan is the first of a series. Rebecca O’Connor is a captain in the Special Animal Warfare Services (SAWS), the year  is 2054, and mutant wolves have taken over the majority of the United States. Thirty-three -year old Rebecca is known for her intellect, red hair, and incredible speed. “In her most private moments, she’d liked to imagine her scarlet hair as the bright red tail of a comet” (11). The novel travels back and forth between present day on the east coast and the past in Brooklyn. I enjoyed reading about the past because it demonstrates why Rebecca is a strong woman, emotionally and physically. We learn that Rebecca was in a relationship with a boy named Jakob Peskov. They had a beautiful but tragic love affair.  “She felt a wellspring of love for him bubble up in her; squeezed him hard, lest the cold September wind somehow whisk him away from her arms” (53). We also discover that although he means well, Rebecca’s father is ultimately a selfish alcoholic who ends up protecting his beer mug instead of his daughter. Throughout the novel, Rebecca loses a number of loved ones from the wolf war which serves to deepen her hatred for the mutant wolves.

I tend to have a strong stomach but there were parts of this novel that were difficult to read, especially the graphic descriptions of human and dog deaths.

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  2. Dog deaths? Count me out.

    I’m way too attached to my own to stomach it. I’d get all weepy. I hate getting weepy.
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