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Christyna Hunter- The Butterfly’s Dance

c hunter

Kayla Jennings has every right to be cautious. When she was twelve, she was in a horrific car accident which rendered her legs useless. Her dreams of becoming a ballerina were dashed, classmates treated her poorly, and she was assaulted by the one boy who supposedly cared for her.

Jordan Michaels relinquished his dream of traveling the world after the death of his parents, his brother, and sister-in-law. In addition, his nephew Jim is afflicted with multiple sclerosis, and Jordan is the only relative left to care for him. But this isn’t the only reason that Jordan has resigned to live a lonely life as a caretaker. In fact, he harbors guilt over something that happened years ago, something that cuts him to the core.

Kayla works as a vocational counselor for the disabled and it’s through her work that she meets Jordan and Jim. Kay and Jordan have an instant connection, although they’re too reserved to make any moves. Fortunately, Jim acts as a quasi Cupid, gently pushing his uncle and Kay together.

Jordan and Kay form a solid relationship built on love and trust, and they promise that no matter what happened in the past, they’ll live a future together. However, before Jordan and Kay can marry, they have to forgive the people from their past, because only then will their hearts be truly free. In addition, Kay must accept herself for who she is now, not what she once yearned to be.

The Butterfly’s Dance has a great balance of romance, conflict, and tragedy; making it the perfect summer read.

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  2. Sounds like that book has it all. Thanks for the great reading!
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