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Christyna Hunter- Wildfire

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Joanna Webb isn’t against construction companies as long as their work doesn’t ruin wildlife preserves and harm animals. Therefore her work at an animal conservation fits her perfectly. She’s not anti-hunting either, but she is anti-cruelty to animals. Unfortunately, throughout Joanna’s childhood, her father brutally hunted animals in front of her. And to this day she’s stricken with nightmares.

Ryan Stewart isn’t anti-environment but his family owns a construction company, and often their work interferes with nature. And Ryan knows first hand how treacherous nature can be. In fact, an event from his childhood haunts him to this day.

Joanna is frustrated because as hard as she fights for animals and their homes’, more and more developments and roads are built in order to help maintain the increase in Virginia’s population.

When Joanna and Ryan meet, they assume that their relationship will be brief but passionate. After all, how can people as different as yin and yang make it work?

“He found he enjoyed the delicate feel of her skin against his calloused hands. Opposites, he silently mused.”

Joanna and Ryan are stubborn, conflicted, and are drawn to each other like watermelon and ants; therefore Wildfire is the perfect romance. It’s a quick, fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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  1. I like yin and yang romances. I feel like that’s what my husband and I have sometimes :)
    Katie Cross recently posted…3024 ADMy Profile

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