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Jeff Rivera- No Matter What & Love Across the Seas

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For Dio, being sent to boot camp is torture- he’s not allowed to use the phone to call his friends or girlfriend (who was shot multiple times in gang related violence), he’s sure the drill instructor is out to get him, he’s forced to constantly work or work out… Granted, things are bad but they could always be worse. When he finally speaks with his girlfriend, Jennifer, she breaks up with him because she’s decided she must leave the life of gangs and prostitution behind her, which includes Dio. Dio vows to fight for Jennifer, which involves changing his perspective. Ultimately, he realizes that boot camp has been a blessing in disguise for it forced him to grow up and break away from his former gang. He lost Jennifer but he gained self respect.

Rivera’s No Matter What is an excellent short novel. I enjoyed it so much that once I finished reading it, I read it again!

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Candace falls in love via the internet, and for the first time in many years, she’s blissfully happy. The problem is that the man she falls in love with believes he’s communicating with her beautiful, blond, skinny, sister Tiffany, who he met on vacation. Candace is also attractive and blonde, but plus-sized, which bothers her immensely. All of her life she’s lived in Tiffany’s shadow. In fact, their mother basically compares Tiffany to a succulent filet mignon and Candace to a fatty prime rib.Candace will have to fess up if she ever wants a real shot at love.

I really enjoyed Love Across the Seas, partly because my husband and I met via the internet. Even though I was determined to steer away from the jocks I typically dated, meeting Patrick, a self proclaimed “band geek” was different for me. It makes sense that I’d end up marrying someone totally different than the guys I typically dated b/c obviously that type wasn’t working out.

Love Across the Seas is a great example of how people can fall in love before first sight!

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  1. That first one sounds really good. I’ll definitely have to check it out. Oh, and I met my husband on the internet as well :) We were on other sides of the world at the time, but it was great by the time we actually met in person and started officially dating!
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  3. I really appreciate this review. Thanks!

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