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Dagda Publishing Press Release: Tuned to a Dead Channel


Dagda Publishing

85 St Stephens Rd




Tel: (+44)7460897494


Contact: Reginald John Davey, Owner/Editor-In-Chief


Press Release: Tuned To A Dead Channel


31st August 2013


Dagda Publishing are happy to announce that they will be releasing their first collection of short fiction on the 20th of September, 2013, “Tuned To A Dead Channel”.


Featuring 15 short stories dealing with the subject of Dystopian futures, by 11 new authors, the collection has a variety of worlds portrayed within, some surrealist and blackly humourous, and some dark, twisted and nightmarish. All have an underlying sense of dread and unease, as befits the genre.


Authors: Dylan Otto Krider, J Collyer, Luke Spry, Jamie Burnette, Dale Bridges, Stephen McQuiggan, Charlotte Comley, Oliver Langmead, Lucy Lapinksi, Teresa Bassett, Kedge Wells.


Publication will be released worldwide on Amazon for both paperback and Kindle version on 20th September 2013. Price will be £5.99 for paperback, £2.99 for ebook (Kindle).


Page count: 196 pages.


R J Davey


Dagda Publishing




Requests for review .pdf copies can be made to the above email address. These are for review and promotionsl purposes only, and are not to be used for anything else, copied, or distributed in physical or electronic forms or otherwise.

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