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Darkly Beings- Claudia Lefeve

Darkly Beings

Wyatt McKenna has left his childhood home in Caldero, Texas far behind. In fact, he hasn’t visited in years and feels content studying law at Tulane University in New Orleans. However, one summer he feels compelled to return. When he arrives, not much if anything has changed, which  is common in small towns.  His mother is sequestered in her bedroom, surrounded by bottles of liquor. Carmen, the woman who ultimately raised him, greets him with open arms and a hot plate of tamales.  His best friend Tyler, a football player at Texas A&M, immediately hands him a cold beer at a party near the river.

“We drove with the windows rolled down and the smell of fresh cut grass filled the inside of the truck. It was one of the things I missed about living in Texas. The scent of sweet cut grass after a rain and the sweet musty smell of hay bales after a harvest was a far cry from New Orleans, with its gardenia blanketed nights masked by the stale stench of beer and vomit wafting off the French Quarter pavement from Mardi Gras’ past” (p. 49).

Everything is as it should be… until he meets Natalie Betancourt, an outsider who is visiting her aunts for the summer.

 “The rush I felt upon seeing her there in that booth came to me in that instant- like a dream you suddenly recall weeks later, like a sudden wave of deja vu, or when you have a thought dangling in the back of your mind that finally ripples off the tongue when you least expect it. That is what it felt like to lay eyes upon her for the first time” (p.11).

Even though Wyatt is intensely attracted to Natalie, he learns to treat her with kid gloves, for whenever he pushes too hard she disengages. In fact, there’s something altogether off with Natalie, almost as if she’s bi-polar. But Wyatt soon learns that Natalie’s condition is much more complex; her family is cursed and in effect, she is a darkly being. Wyatt is thrust into a world of magic, both good and evil, love as well as loss.

Darkly Beings is a fascinating novel filled with rich descriptions of southern food, culture, and magic. At the end we’re left with a cliff hanger which is the perfect start to the sequel.

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  2. Rich descriptions of food? Love that, for sure. Actually, it sounds like a really good book. I had an experience like that myself, going home to not much changing. Of course, I didn’t get slammed by love, but I do remember how weird it felt that things were still the same when i felt so different!
    Katie Cross recently posted…It’s The Inevitable. It’s a book review. Actually, it’s a GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  3. This sounds interesting – love the cover.
    Teri recently posted…Beyond Dusk: Anne by Sarah M. CraditMy Profile

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