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What Readers are Saying About My YA Novel, Jaded



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What Readers are Saying About My YA Novel, Jaded

“Couldn’t put it down. It was that good! Hope the sequel comes out soon.” Shyla Girloni

“I am very impressed with this book. I was excited to read a book that not only has strong character development but also with a plot that captured my attention. The storyline was so interesting and I was impressed with the overall flow of the book. It kept me turning the page to find out what was next and made me cheer for the characters. I cant wait to read the next one.” – Megan

“Loved this book.” Kelly Brooklyn

“Oh my gosh, this book was amazing. I couldn’t stop reading it! I am so excited for the second book, I really hope Ty doesn’t get in trouble back in the commune. Like being blinded, or worse.. Being hanged.. If this book gets published, I’m definitely going to buy it and read it multiple times.” – Anya Hathaway

“Omg I just finished reading jade and it was sooo good. When is the next one comming WHEN!!! Kristy you have done a great job on this book. I found myself falling in love with all the characters. Love, love, love please finish the next book soon please.” – Kimmy Kim

“Excellent! I can hardly wait to read your next novel.” – Susan Black

“Excellent book!” – Diamond Heiser

“Wow, I loved this! And the cover is awesome.” – Bethany Walkers

“Couldn’t put it down. It was that good! Hope the sequel comes out soon.” – Camille Ferolino

“I found JADED to be well-written, with creative prose, realistic dialogue, thorough characterization, and a good dose of suspense, particularly at the end. The dystopia, Nirvana, is similar in some ways to Suzanne Collins’s in THE HUNGER GAMES, and the love story was reminiscent of the one in Ally Condie’s MATCHED. The ending hinted at a sequel, which I’d look forward to reading…” -Jenny

* “Kristy girl, I loved “Jaded” and can’t wait to read the sequel! You are a fantastic writer with so much talent. I love everything you have written and can’t wait for more!!! This novel is a “10″….but then so are you!!!” -Terry Mauller

* “Keep following your passion!” -Barb Derstine

* “Looking forward to a sequel! Awesome!” -Sarah Pringle

* “This is amazing. I could not stop reading until it was done and I still crave more. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for a sequel!” -C. Thomas

* “Kristy I loved it and like the others I want to know more. I knew the premise from talking to you but loved seeing it come alive with your writing in this book.” – Sharon McGregor

* “It’s very good, Kristy. I liked it a lot.” – Kara Skinner

* “Kristy, I really enjoyed reading this. I can’t wait for the sequel. I especially loved that you included Licorice in the book. Keep up the great work.” – Kelly Evans

* “Can’t wait to see what happens next! Awesome job, Kristy!” – Danielle

* “Kristy, I was surprised to have been so captured by the plot. I never thought I’d have time to read this past work week with evening duty, exams, grades due, and a bad cold to add to it. So, it says it all that I just had to keep turning the pages until the end. Can’t wait to read the sequel! Perfect for young adults and lovely for seasoned readers as well! I’m glad you’re realizing your dream as an author, and it’s well deserved.” – Charlene Baron

* “Great book Kristy. Keep up the good work.” – Beverly Fetsco

* “Wow, this is so interesting. I love the entire concept. It’s written so wonderfully. I’ll admit I kind of jumped around a little, but I loved the ending. This was really great! The way the names all went with specific colors was such a creative idea. Nice job!!” – Ashley Nicole

* “So excited to learn what happens next! Let’s go, sequel!!! Great page turning book!!!!” -Carrie Hogan

* “Wow. My heart breaks for them. I can’t wait to read the sequel!” -Kristi Austin

* “Thrilled to read the sequel, Hope I don’t have to wait too long. Enough suspense and mystery, that it was a page turner.”
-Librarian extraordinaire, Karen Olson

* “I have never read anything such an interesting book in my life. I am on pins and needles for the sequel. I have my tissue box ready.
Go KFG” -Peg Verdonck

* “Excellent story for anyone who enjoys romance, unexpected twists and turns, and an ending that will make you beg for more. Well done!!!” – Gary Caruso

* “Though not normally a huge fan of this genre, I was totally sucked in right away. I don’t have much time to read, but finished this quickly as it was so riveting. I was shocked when it ended so abruptly…I am worried sick about Ty. Please hurry with the sequel!” -Mariana Yunetz

* “JADED IS A GREAT BOOK it was easy to read and kept me interested from beginning to end. This author will certainly be a great success with her writings and I am anxiously awaiting another book. Kristy, you were always very special and will always be my favorite author.” – Eleanor Feltenberger

*”Please write more Kristy! Don’t leave us hanging for too long! Awesome!” – Scott Shiley

*”Kristy, sorry it took me so long..I am a slow reader with many distractions! I LOVED your book. It was great.” -Penny

* “Great job by the author! I read it in one sitting! The romance was just right and not overdone. As an adult reader, I was able to figure out some of the plot twists to come, but it didn’t stop me from devouring the book. I am left worrying about Jade s parents and Ty. This would be a great book for middle schoolers as a warm up for the upcoming 1984 and Fahrenheit 451.”-Jen Novak

* “Excellent story telling! Readers will enjoy the tense drama and relate to the voice of the teen characters. Well done, Kristy!” -Tammy Schmitt

* “Exciting reading–can hardly wait for both the prequel and sequel because I really got into the characters!!! write on Kristy!” -Ann Gillespie

* “I can’t believe how the author ended it! It was a great read, with characters that really reached out to me. I often found myself putting aside other things I was doing to sit and read this. I think the sequel should be availble … now. I really don’t want to wait. Great suspense building too! I loved a lot of the little things, such as the teas, the vegetarian lifestyle, etc. It all had a very sincere, original feel.”  – Katie Cross

* “Very skillfully written. I didn’t expect to get drawn into the story so fast. Although this not my typical genre, I may have to rethink that.”  – Brian Furst

* “The dystopian-like yet unique setting pulled me into the story. I want to know the secret behind the eye surgeries and the like. Jade is a strong character, and I love how she was torn between doing what was right and what her community expected of her. Her connection with Ty definitely gave the story some sweet romance. The mystery was well-laid out, and although it wasn’t a surprise to me what was going on, I still have questions about the world Jade lived in. The manuscript had a bit too much tell and not enough show at times for me to 100% connect with the characters all the time, but I must admit I was easily hooked on the story and what would happen next. By the end, I was left craving for book two.” -Cherie Reich

* “I found the story so riveting that I was disappointed when it ended and was left hungry for more. Can’t wait for the sequel! Excellent read!” -Patty Coffman

* “Excellent read. I enjoyed every page – read it all in one sitting on my droid. Can’t wait for book two.” – Missy Bell

* “Interesting concept and well thought out. Exceptional beginning, grabbed me immediately. Quick paced, well developed main character. Good story line, nice twists and turns. Abrupt ending.” -LaDonna Cole

* “My plan this morning was to start reading this. The next think I knew I was arranging the rest of my day around finishing. Totally absorbing! Not having physical pages to turn, I was crushed to realize I was at the end, and I didn’t have all the answers to my questions. Volume 2 – soon – please!” -Cheryl Tyler

* “While not technically dystopian, fans of the genre will enjoy Jaded. From the first few pages I was hooked and intrigued by the story and plot. Definitely a worthwhile read. My only complaint is that I am dying to read the next book.” -Claudia Lefeve

* “For a grown man who only reads sci-fi, I found myself unable to put it down. This can be attributed to the quality of writing that this YA thriller contains. Read this novel and you will be anxiously awaiting the sequel.” -Patrick

* I enjoy the premise of this book, but I think it could have come together a little better. It was reminiscent of “The Giver” and “Running out of Time” in the execution, and unfortunately the romance seems to take a back seat to the adventure mystery of the twisted commune.

I would have liked to have seen more development of the story between Ty and Jade, instead of starting off with them both in love and admitting it to one another.

The vast majority of the book is well written, but then a plethora of tense, spelling, and homophone issues crop up in the last 10% It makes me wonder if the author ran out of time for editing, or forgot to look over those pages. Very odd.

Overall it was a good book, and I would recommend it on the premise of its action, not the romantic content. I can’t wait for the next one.” -Erin Reilly

* “I really liked the concept, it was interesting reading about the different occupations and stuff of everyone but at the same time I felt a little lost because it took most of the book to explain every detail about it. And then the whole picking a job was confusing, like there was no definite explanation about it. It’s a unique concept but I had to do more of the imagining than I’d like

At the same time I couldn’t really get the resentment towards her dad. I never really got the feeling that she and Royal weren’t close. And the “twist” between Peaches and Bronze was a little out of nowhere.

I’m not trying to nit pick everything I promise, but these were just some things that made me feel could be improved upon. You’re a really good writer, it’s in the category of what I’d like to call “pretty writing” like Ally Condie. She’s really good with descriptions and stuff but I don’t really think it’s enough to push a plot. Sometimes what I like to do with my stories is draw up a concept board or write the main points on sticky notes and connect them together and see how it flows then.

It’s good now but personally I think it could be better.” – Jessika C.


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