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“It’s time to take charge of my destiny, Cooper. I’m tired of people getting in the way and meddling in what’s supposed to be my life. So if I say, I’m with you, I’m with you.” —Etta

I purchased Claudia Lefeve’s  Travelers Series as an ebook bundle, which I think is an awesome idea. After finishing Parallel, the first book in the series,  I immediately starting reading Paradox and did the same with Paradigm.  In fact, I enjoyed the series so much that I also purchased the short story Hitched which tells the story of Etta and Cooper’s wedding. Claudia is currently working on Parameter, the forth book of the series.

In Parallel, 17-year-old Etta Flemming is an orphan residing at the Dominion House for Girls in Alexandria, Virginia. As far as Etta knows, her parents were killed in a plane crash when she was five-years-old. Her only friend is a fellow orphan named Jamie, and both girls feel like outcasts at their high school. Much to Jamie’s chagrin, Etta meets a slightly older man named Cooper Everett. Soon after they meet, Cooper convinces Etta that she’s living in the wrong reality. Etta has always felt different from others due to her power of  telekinesis and the constant surreal dreams she has; so an alternate reality doesn’t sound as strange to her as it would to most.  The fact that Cooper’s hot doesn’t hurt, either. Cooper and Etta travel to the reality where she belongs which includes a high school where she fits in a bit more, her best friend Jamie, her Aunt Maggie…and her father. Little by little Etta finds out that her father, a prestigious physicist (along with Mr. Thornberry, Jamie’s father) used children as test subjects and intentionally sent Etta to an alternate reality in hopes of keeping her safe. Etta also discovers that she has a significant role as Council leader in the future and Cooper is already married. Parallel ends on a cliff hanger, which drove me to read the sequel that much quicker. As a main character, Etta is easy to relate to, down to Earth, and a fighter who has prevailed despite the bleakest of circumstances. Compelling and well written!

Paradox picks up where Parallel ends and Claudia does a phenomenal job of organically summarizing the events from Parallel to Paradox. In this sequel, Etta learns more about her future as Council leader, her father and his partner’s scientific experiments on children, and time travel.  She also meets an eclectic cast of characters who like Etta, were child test subjects, and she learns that these are the people on her team in the future. All of them share one thing in common- they want to bring Etta’s fathers’ partner, the evil mastermind Mr. Thornberry, down.  A lot of the questions I had from the first novel are answered in this one but new questions are created as well, which makes for an interesting read. Claudia does a great job of explaining time travel in a way for non-science people to understand. Paradox ends with another cliff hanger which compelled me to read the next quickly!

In Paradigm Etta’s reality veered off course from the life she led in Paradox. In her current reality, she’s grown up as an orphan but doesn’t know anything about her Aunt Maggie, is in a serious relationship with a desirable law student, and spends her time working as a paralegal. The only consistency is her best friend Jamie. Cooper must return to Etta’s current reality and convince her to once again change courses. Paradigm answered any questions that I had from Paradox and once again Claudia does a great job of summarizing past events organically. Etta questions the people that she thought were her friends and grows closer to the eclectic cast of characters from the future. Cooper and Etta’s relationship develops into much more than mentor/mentee/ friend relationship. I’m excited to read the forth book in the series, Parameter! 

I also purchased Hitched, an ebook short story about Etta and Cooper’s wedding. My favorite part was when Jenny utilizes her psychic powers to help Etta and her late mother communicate. Great addition! 

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  1. Wow, sounds like a great bundle! I might be in love with those covers, too. It’s a great testament to how writing more books is how you sell books!
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