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“I think some people are just born determined not to go along in the ruts cut by other people’s wheels, and you were one of those.”

River Town is an anthology written by Shawna Christos, Eric Douglas, Elizabeth Gaucher, Geoffrey Cameron Fuller, Katharine Herndon, and Jane Siers Wright. I was given an ARC of River Town, which will be available for purchase on August 12.

River Town is a work of fiction based on what a small West Virginia town would have been like before the turn of the last century. In 1875, The Kanawha River was navigable year round which was a blessing for the mountainous state of WV. Steam powered river boats brought supplies and passengers to places like RiverTown.

The story opens on the Miss Jayne Marie steamboat where we meet a worker named Rufus and Captain JD Dawson. Even though he’s blind, Rufus notices just about everything that goes on aboard the steamboat. We also meet a peculiar passenger named Hayden who is reluctantly returning to his home town to help his family.

“Here it was mid-morning, and she was covered in garden dirt and, like everything else in this devil’s armpit, a film of coal dust.” –Hayden describing his younger sister and RiverTown

However, Hayden’s mood lifts when he reconnects with his childhood friend, Lilly, who unlike Hayden’s family, is part of the upper class.

Hayden’s father, a coal miner, asks if he’ll look into the mysterious changes in coal miner’s behavior and appearance. With no one else to trust, Hayden asks Lilly for help.

What follows is a witch hunt, a steamboat race, a love story, and a coal mine mystery. River Town is a great layered story and I hope that there’s a sequel written.

Elizabeth Gaucher added my above quote to her blog. Pretty cool!





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  1. I’m kind of obsessed with historical fiction, so I’m definitely going to have to give this one a try. Thanks Kristy!
    Katie Cross recently posted…RSS- My Own Overview That Might Be FlawedMy Profile

  2. I’m very interested in this novel, Kristy, given the trajectory of my own writing at the moment. Thanks for this rec.
    Andra Watkins recently posted…Roy’s Complete Guide to Back Room BarteringMy Profile

  3. Great review! Loved that descriptive line about the guy’s sister. Sounds like a wonderful collection!
    Cherie Reich recently posted…IWSG: Be Positive and the Virginia Writers SymposiumMy Profile

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