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* Twenty-five questions with author Katie Cross! 

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1. Do you consider yourself a logophile? If so, have you always been? To be honest, I had to look that up. But absolutely. I’ve always loved the power of words. The first time I realized it was 4th grade, when I finished the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. I still remember the last words. “I cried for TJ. For TJ, and the land.

2. What is your favorite color? yellow, but I love to wear black.

3. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? I was born in Idaho, and I grew up in the house my mom grew up in!

4. What is your favorite football team? Not a big football person. But if I have to pick, I’m going to say the Saints. For absolutely no reason

5. Who is your favorite author? Gah! I have to choose? I’m a big Dickens fan.

6. What is your favorite book? Ok, I’m definitely not choosing for this one. But Pickwick Papers has a special place in my heart, as does Vanity Fair.

7. What do you do when you are not writing? reading, or hiking. Or playing with my dog.

8. Do you have a day job as well? I do! I’m a pediatric RN

9. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? Write until your fingers bleed, then write a little more. 

10. Is being a writer a curse or a gift? It’s a gift that brings many curses.

11. Where do you write? Everywhere, but I’m the most productive standing at my kitchen counter.

12. Do you prefer silence or some noise while you write? Noise. It’s either re-runs of the Golden Girls in the background, or the Celtic Woman pandora radio station.

13. What do you typically drink while writing? unsweetened almond milk, or water.

14. What challenges have you had in regards to your writing life? Constantly finding time to write. Every  day.

15. When did you first start and when did you finish your book? I’ve written many, but the one I plan to publish, and that I’m taking the most seriously, I started in January this year, and finished in April. It was a crazy marathon.

16. If your book is made into a movie, which actors/actresses do you envision playing the parts? Oh, I’m terrible with actresses! I know I’d want a new girl, some undiscovered talent.

17. What does your protagonist think of you? Would he/she want to hang out with you? She isn’t a big social person, but we’re close.

18. How do you market your book? What avenues work best? I plan on social media and the internet when i release it at the end of the year.

19. What has been the toughest criticism so far? One of my good friends would write reviews and correct my chapters like a grouchy english teachers. There’d be so much to correct, it would be longer than the chapter. It was awesome.

20. What has been the best compliment? Someone told me they were so into it, they forgot they were reading. No better compliment.

21. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? Mostly imagination. I think we all impart a bit of our own reality, no matter what kind of book.

22. How did you come up with the title? It definitely wrote itself

23. Will there be a sequel? yes, for sure.

24. What project are you working on now? The second book in the series

25. What question did I leave out that you’d like to answer? My favorite breakfast food is sweet potatoes. I just thought you’d like to know.

Please fill in the blank: Keep Calm and Hike On.


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  1. Kristy- you’re awesome! Thank you so much! Your new site looks great.

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  3. Great site Kristy. So nice to meet you this weekend. Hope all goes well with your writing! BTW LOVE the pics of your writing room! Jealous ; P

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